Launched in 2012

People are finding that they can't live their entire lives on digital screens—they're realizing the importance of stepping away from the smartphone to more traditional media to clear their heads, focus, and get creative juices flowing. Freeform creativity is a core tenet of my product design consultancy YoonCo, which is dedicated to creating open-ended tools that let people create their own use cases.

I've worked for over twelve years as a user experience and user interface designer, creating web and mobile apps for dozens of companies ranging from ramen-funded startups to big corporations. This means lots of time in front of the computer, naturally. So throughout my career I've always relied on notebooks to give my mind a place to brainstorm freely, without having to worry about wrangling passwords or logins or drawing tools or file management. Since I work on so many projects at once, I always wished I could rearrange pages however I wished, after the fact. Not all notes are worth keeping, and not all projects see the light of day. So why carry around a notebook full of random, no-longer-relevant scribbles?

After a year of tinkering, the Sorta notebook was born. At first glance it looks like an ordinary Moleskine-style journal, but it features a trick spine that allows you to easily remove and thus rearrange pages at will. It's become my little home away from the smartphone, and I use it for everything from grocery lists to wireframe sketches of the next great mobile app. It's attracted customers from all walks of life, from teachers to IT professionals to government workers, all across the world. It's been featured in Lifehacker and on The Grommet as well.

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