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WeAreLATech exists to unite LA Startups.

WeAreLATech was created by Espree Devora, born and raised LA. She's been building tech companies since her teens and was inspired to launch the WeAreLATech 'Experience' Club after backpacking 14 countries to meet with a variety of startups. You can read more about her here.

WeAreLATech is...

1)  The 'Experience' Club.

The heart of WeAreLATech. No panels, no mixers. Only incredible offline activities to connect with like minded people in LA tech.

Apply here, https://wearelatech.com/club

2) LA Tech Calendar.

All the LA Tech related mixers, conferences, demos and panels happening in this city. (via our website and mobile app)

3) Podcast.

The podcast hit #2 on Apple's iTunes New & Noteworthy. It features topics to help immerse people into the LA tech culture and save them time finding quality resources in this city.

4) LA Startup Private Chat.

We have two chat areas. The Facebook Group is exclusively for event and job posts. And the private chat powered by Slack is for general communication. That's here, https://wearelatech.com/vip

5) Job Board.

LA tech exclusive jobs. Each featured job post displays on the mobile app. Plus job seekers can share their resumes.

We want to bring back the sense of community we had in 2008 where just over 20 of us made up the whole LA tech scene ...and help highlight YOU along with the startup you are pouring your soul into.

To making magic happen,

Espree + WeAreLATech team 


If you have a startup based in LA and would like to be featured on the homepage click here.

la tech sxsw 2009
Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/jdlasica

Pic of the LA Tech 'scene' from South by Southwest in 2009
Photo Caption | Shira Lazar, Paige Craig, Jeff Henderson, Andrew Warner, Amanda Coolong, Andrew Seely, Heather Vescent, Alexendra Mokh, Nicole Jordan, Espree Devora, Kurt Daradics (KurtyD), Chris Darboro, Efren Toscano, Mike Prasad, Sean Percival, Kevin Winston, Mark Vermut, Will Jessup, Michael Lambie, Heather Meeker, Sloane Berrent, Doug Campbell, Michael Pilla, Andy Sternberg, Geoffrey Emery

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