Launched 2015

Our interactive templates help you organize your thoughts, make decisions and present ideas.

Your FREE account gives you access to:
- One Pager Builder
- User Persona Creator
- Lean Canvas
- SWOT Analysis
- Fundraising Summary
- Blank Slate

With drag-and-drop and inline editing features, Xtensio is a flexible and responsive page builder. The interactive modules are tailored for startup needs with instructional placeholder content to guide your thought process.

Xtensio was born out of need for easy-to-use tools to help entrepreneurs plan, strategize, and develop their startup. We believe that every company should have access to business planning and strategy tools of the highest possible standards. Fortune 500 companies spend millions of dollars each year on these services - your small business shouldn't have to.


Alper Cakir
Asli Sonceley


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