Launched 2014

We have an exciting platform to help start-ups with the initial prestige and credibility, the .LA domain name extension. We are looking for a few key gateways to reintroduce .LA to the silicon beach and LA startup scene.

Pitch at Registry.LA, more at ilove.LA

Anyone can grab the perceived leader position for their company, website and app with the .LA extension, over 99% of names taken in .com are available in .LA

We have some great use already - GoldenRoad.LA Amplify.LA and many others

Secondly as a 10+ year domain name investor i can provide unique expertise to the changing landscape in domains and the options available to start-ups and other companies. Ive sold two of the biggest names of all time, both over $1M, and hve help over 5000 business upgrade their names in the past ten years.

Im goggleable.

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