Launched 2015

Whistle allows customers to communicate with businesses through SMS Text Messages and p2p text messaging. Businesses can easily manage and respond to messages, facilitating open dialogue.


A ten­digit number is issued, a regular phone number with your local area code. Phone calls to your Whistle number are forwarded to your main line.

Customers continue their regular messaging behavior - Rather than develop an app no one will use, your customers will continue the behavior they already engage in hundreds of times a day.

Staff manages and responds.
Whistle can be accessed by your entire team through any major web browsers. Respond and manage incoming text messages through Whistle’s simple chat interface.

Start a conversation - Initiate non­invasive text messages for reminders or for the customer’s ease of reply.

Message Archive - All messages between the customer and business are saved and archived for easy accessibility, transparency, and accountability.

Staff communication - Whistle serves as an excellent central hub for managing internal communication. Messaging dialogue with staff is no longer miscommunicated, and easy to revisit.

Photo Messaging - Video and location sharing: Coming Soon!

Whistle, led by co-founders Chris Hovanessian and Jonathan Rojas, won first place at the first ever Entrepreneur 20x pitch competition at HFTP’s HITEC convention! In addition to catching the attention of some of the hospitality industry’s largest corporate brand executives, the team was awarded $5,000.

HFTP, along with Capital Factory, debuted the 20X series: Entrepreneur 20X (E20X) as part of HITEC with a gathering of innovative start-ups that pitched cutting-edge, transformative hospitality technology to an audience of venture capitalists, super angels, serial entrepreneurs and HITEC attendees.

About HFTP and HITEC

HFTP is the global professional association for financial and technology personnel working in hotels, clubs, and other hospitality-related businesses with over 4,700 members worldwide.

The Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference or HITEC hosts a offers access to a combination of top-notch hospitality technology educators and is led by industry peers and experts. This unparalleled trade show showcases the latest products and services from over 300 companies. It is the premiere hospitality professionals gathering for learning and experiencing the technologies that continue to enhance the hospitality industry and their customers’ experiences.

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