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Where people go to be a part of the LA Tech community
WeAreLATech means a lot to us, it means a lot to me
Hi, my name is Espree. I created WeAreLATech in 2012 after building my tech startups here.
I'm born and raised LA and immersed in the LA Tech culture
WeAreLATech connects you to the people you should know in LA tech
Get to know more people in the community to form meaningful connections
All love and unicorns,
Espree Devora
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External WeAreLATech Core Values

This is who our members and community are
  1. People passionate about and working in tech
  2. (Founders, Engineers, Investors, Product Managers, Creatives, UX/UI designers, growth hackers, data scientists)
  3. Who currently are or want to be deeply immersed into the LA Tech ecosystem
  4. Executors
  5. People who see business as a collaborative space
  6. and believe in mutually beneficial relationships
  7. People who respect one another’s time

Internal WeAreLATech Core Values

This is how our internal team operates
  1. People are Humans, not metrics;
    Customers, site clicks, mobile app installs and podcast listens are not users
  2. Respect the community’s time; Respond quickly to customers and inquiries. Only share content that is valuable
  3. Rely on personal connection, not automation
  4. Communicate with gratitude, no matter the situation
  5. Seek solution
  6. Be collaborative
  7. Create sharable unique experiences
  8. Work as a team driven by passion
  9. Be detail orientated
  10. The purpose of revenue is to be enabled to deliver an outstanding product and service