The purpose of this curated private chat is to immediately connect with high-quality people in LA Tech.

This moderated group will immediately immerse you into the #techLA culture both online and offline by facilitating connecting you to profitable business deals, saving you time and money meeting talent for your open jobs and being able to ask a smart community of people any question you may have regarding the day to day running or working in your LA Tech company.

Testimonials by ‘Experience’ Club Members

Shirley Moirin

To meet likeminded passionate people in a friendly setting. To get together for fun and relaxed events, as it’s so much easier for me to open up and talk in this kind…

Chris Mardelli

The experience club was a wonderful way to meet great people with similar interests while doing fun and interesting things! Had a great time at every event, from the trampoline park, to…

Melissa Hanna

The experience club added so much value to my life. It gave me a way to socialize and create meaningful friendships while building my company. I met a lot of people across…

Robert Walker

Having the opportunity to meet other founders outside of normal startup functions gave me the chance to connect at a human and personal level. This is super important. You learn a lot…

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