The purpose of this curated private chat is to immediately connect with high-quality people in LA Tech.

This moderated group will immediately immerse you into the #techLA culture both online and offline by facilitating connecting you to profitable business deals, saving you time and money meeting talent for your open jobs and being able to ask a smart community of people any question you may have regarding the day to day running or working in your LA Tech company.

Testimonials by ‘Experience’ Club Members

Eric Perez

There is a lot I can say about the amazing experiences and people I have met while being a part of the club. I have been involved since the first group and…

Amy Bernstein

When I was new to LA, I knew very few people so searched for the best groups to join and ways to meet people. Espree and We are LA Tech was one…

Matt Walker

This has truly been a different experience. I’ve made genuine, deep, and long-lasting relationships with a number of incredible people through the small-form, curated group events. They’ve also been super fun and…

Stephanie Mountain

The energy that Espree brings to the Experience Club is priceless! She has a genuine enthusiasm for the group and the events are always fun and engaging!

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