Launched 2013

Snapcious is white-labeled mobile ad technology for brands, media companies and NGOs.

Snapcious harnesses and gamifies social photo-sharing to publish integrated marketing campaigns across photo networks including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and seven more - localized for languages in emerging markets.

With integrated white-label photo-challenge apps for iOS and Android, brands can prompt consumers anywhere in the world to snap pictures, pick winners and share photos around a marketing message.

By sharing these photos from the brand’s Snapcious platform across 10 social networks, players spread the brand's message and hashtags, giving brands the power to build communities of recommenders around visual conversations, develop social-CRM analytics, augment visual campaigns and strengthen reach across social media.

Snapcious also supports a worldwide photo-sharing game for iOS, now free in the App Store and Google Play.

Snapcious was co-founded by Yael Swerdlow (CEO) and Mack Reed (CTO) - two former L.A. Times journalists who saw huge untapped potential in the world's 1-billion-uploads-per-day obsession with photo-sharing:

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