Launched 2015

For the first time ever, control your favorite music software and analog synthesizers using custom gestures and movements with Myo (Thalmic Labs.) Perform chords, basslines, sequences, and entire songs with just the flick of your hand. Take powerful and detailed control of multiple FX with sweeping gestures. For use both in the home studio and on the festival stage - Leviathan is the ultimate performance tool - a true evolution in the way music is performed. Leviathan uses both MIDI and OSC to interface with any Digital Audio Workstation, plugins or standalone music software.

Leviathan Launch Video:

DJ Magazine December '15 Issue: "music performance at another level" "say goodbye to the past and welcome to the future...a product that should have controller companies shaking in their boots...endless possibilities...powerful...promises to disrupt and galvanize the entire industry"

Developer Interview (includes founder photos and bio)

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