1. TrueCar is the Foremost Resource for New Car Pricing

    When buying a car there is one essential question: What should I pay? Of course, answering this isn't easy. Pricing information is everywhere and from more sources than you can possibly study. That's where we come in. TrueCar collects data and analyzes the market so you don't have to. Then, we show you what you can expect to pay on average for new cars in your area based on what other people actually paid for their cars. We do all this so you'll be confident in your car purchase. Harnessing the power of this information is what allows you to recognize a fair deal and become, essentially, a car-buying expert. TrueCar provides all of this new car pricing information at both a national and local level so you can understand how cars are being priced and sold all around the country.

    TrueCar Revolutionizes the Car Buying Experience

    When buying a car, price matters. But it's not all that matters. You also want a great experience, one you can feel good about. That's why we at TrueCar partnered with a unique group of people who offer precisely that: car dealers. But not just any dealers. A new kind of dealer that believes in the power of the information we provide and understands how this information can transform the car-buying process. Dealers who are committed to truth and fairness and offer a hassle-free car-buying experience. At TrueCar, we've come together with these trusted dealers to build something no one else offers: a national network with over 5,000 Certified Dealers that is growing by the day.

    Why We Are Here

    TrueCar was created to make the car-buying process simple, fast and fair. We believe in truth and transparency and are committed to providing you with upfront pricing information and a network of trusted dealers that provide a hassle-free car-buying experience. We believe all of this is the key to customer satisfaction and dealership profitability.

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