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Welcome to WeAreLATech's LA Startup Spotlight!
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Host, Espree Devora
Brian Nickerson of MagicLinks

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Links Mentioned:

  • MagicLinks,
  • YouTube,
  • VidCon,
  • Chippmunk,
  • Refill Fuel,
  • Amazon,
  • Birchbox,
  • Kopari,
  • NailSnaps,
  • Pasadena Angels,
  • USC Marshall,
  • METal International,

People mentioned:

  • Casey Neistat,
  • Pewdiepie,
  • Luis Ruballos,
  • Rick Smith,
  • Paige Craig,
  • Angel Anderson,
  • Sarah Heering,
  • Ken Rutkowski,


  • Produced and Hosted by Espree Devora,
  • Story produced, Edited and Mastered by Adam Carroll,
  • Shownotes by Karl Marty,
  • Music by Jay Huffman,

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