Launched 2015

"PHIND is like the Shazam for places."

PHIND is a visual search and discovery app for places. Through a sophisticated visual search technology, simply take a photo of any place in the world and PHIND brings back key information. Whether you’re planning a vacation or discovering your own neighborhood, PHIND provides a fast, easy and accurate means to find the best places to eat, shop, drink or visit by the simple click of a button.

Since earning the accolades of Battlefield Wildcard Winner at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York earlier this year, PHIND has made tremendous strides in a short span of time. In May, the company began the fundraising process to raise a total of $755K. With the closing of its seed round came the launch of a major new update – PHIND 2.0. Users can enjoy a more seamless and simplified user experience, along with new text and category search features and integrations with popular apps like Yelp, Foursquare, Wikipedia, TripAdvisor, Viator and Uber.

PHIND allows users to search and discover the world around them like never before.

Rishi Jhunjhnuwala, CEO
-Invented and architected the entire algorithm for PHIND and handles the overall strategy and vision for the company.

-Headed business development and project management at Plantation Bay Hotels, LLC. Worked closely with architectural designers, structural engineers, and city planners for various hotel properties and projects. Cultivated partnerships overseas in a corporate development setting. Responsible for mergers and acquisitions, as well as providing key solutions for the growth of the company.

-Graduate of UCI in Business Management and Political Science

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