Launched 2015

OfferJar is “Computer Assisted Negotiation” application, allowing buyers and sellers negotiate in real time. Integrates with any site and social network. Patent pending. Approved by eBay.

OfferJar is bridging the price gap between Buyers & Sellers with real time negotiations. Automated for sellers and Powered by AI.

The search for better price is over. OfferJar resolves that by allowing buyers negotiate price in real time.

By using OfferJar buyers do not have to wait to close a deal and sellers don't need to be present to make a sale. That makes selling online profitable for sellers and buyers are happy to buy for the price they are willing to pay. It makes eCommerce more efficient.

The OfferJar app is installed in the seller’s site. Buyers make offers. OfferJar does the rest.

Study shows that only 15% of shoppers who tend to pay full price and don’t look for sales. For the rest of us the 85% we like to make an offer and negotiate a deal.

Try it in our demo store: Open, "tap on make an offer" bar, tap on a photo of any product and start negotiate as many times as you want. negotiate to the last dollar. Send comments.

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