Launched 2015 - Our mission is to empower and simplify the employers hiring process while inspiring the job seekers. has revamped the candidate and job search with it's incredible video and social platform that improves the way employers and job seekers connect. JobsIview provides employers, job seekers, and freelancers with an impressive experience.

Our founder understands employers and the value of time when searching for top candidates. Furthermore, he has a strong consciousness of the hiring process and how time consuming and costly it can be for a company. Our advanced website has interfaces with a job board while addressing major concerns, such as, cutting time, saving money and allowing employers to brand, advertise, search video resumes, receive freelance video profiles, conduct live video interviews, leave job opening video descriptions with a job post, track, pre screen candidates and more all on a video platform. Our founder has innovated ground breaking techniques to level the field for all job seekers. We felt it was important in the development of JobsIview's website production to have quality features for job seekers to make a great first impression through video and finding the best jobs at no charge. We also integrated a freelance page called, "Viewlance", which allows freelancers to market themselves by making a video profile to better connect, making it easier to get potential freelance jobs.

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