Launched 2015

Think about taking ZipRecruiter, serving it a few Old Fashions, and then sticking it in the pocket of every jobseeker and hiring manager.

That's Industree!

Industree is a free, geolocation driven, and mobile platform that connects qualified jobseekers with hiring managers looking to fill open positions on their teams. By removing the many barriers that existed between prospective employees and their prospective bosses (ex: recruiting firms, HR departments) Industree creates a more organic hiring process.

Meet up with users in your area for a cup of coffee or happy hour to get a true feel for what it would be like to work with each other day in and day out.

To use Industree, simply create an account using your LinkedIn profile, state your availability, and instantly see jobseekers and hiring managers that are nearby!

Good luck and happy hunting!

Founder Bios

Bart Biernat - CoFounder/CEO

Bart hails from the great nation of France and has lived in the US for the past few years. In his professional career, Bart has founded and managed his own management consulting firm. He worked with some of the worlds leading aerospace companies by implementing best practice for their management teams in regards to accelerated internal growth. In his time doing so, he realized that the hiring process needed to be re-engineered with the hiring managers of internal teams having more initial control in who they were interviewing and hiring. It was from that finding the concept of Industree was born.

Travis Davis - Cofounder/CMO

Travis is a graduate of the University of Michigan and moved to Los Angeles once he finished school. Since he arrived in LA, he has worked in both business development and media strategy for multiple advertising agencies under the Interpublic Group family of companies. After gaining invaluable experience in the corporate advertising space, Travis followed his passion for tech and worked with some of the fastest growing startups in Los Angeles. By helping scale both mobile and social platforms, Travis has learned what it takes to build user and customer bases from the ground up.

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