GumGum is the premium in-image advertising platform for publishers and brands. Overlaying highly engaging, contextually relevant ad units across billions of images on hundreds of premium websites, GumGum reaches more than 150 million users per month, making it the world’s largest in-image advertising provider.

GumGum was founded in 2007 to help web publishers monetize their image-based content, and in 2008 it introduced the first in-image advertising platform. Today, hundreds of the Internet's premier publishers, including New York Daily News, Alloy Digital, U.S. News & World Report and Meredith, rely on GumGum to turn photographs into lucrative interactive experiences by overlaying rich media ad units on top of their images.

In addition to providing publishers with an incremental revenue stream, GumGum gives advertisers the ability to reach highly targeted audiences in a brand-safe environment. GumGum's proprietary image recognition and targeting technology helps garner relevant engagement through highly targeted campaigns that yield more than ten times the click-through rates and brand lift of traditional display advertising.

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