Launched 2009


Started as a living-room project six years ago, Grindr grew to be one of the biggest dating-messaging services in the world and the largest geospatial dating service for gay men. With users in 192 countries, Grindr handles peaks of 85 mil chat messages and 3 mil exchanges of chat images per day; has up to 450k concurrent users every minute; 10k Geo Spatial database operations per second; and 900 mil API calls per day.

Bigger is Better

Grindr's compensation model for engineering hires provides top of market (85%-95%ile) base pay and reflects Grindr's commitment to deliver best of class technology to our users. Our compensation program is designed to make us a "destination location" for the world-class engineering professionals we need to hire/retain to grow and succeed.


Engineering excellence is at the focal point of everything we do at Grindr. We are an agile shop and we use combination of agile practices like XP, SCRUM and Kanban to build our systems. Our users today have a choice of iOS and Android native clients. All client functionality is powered by RESTful APIs, as well as, XMPP protocol for real-time chat.

New Grindr 3.0 stack is built on Non-blocking I/O Akka framework utilizing Scala and Java technologies. We also leverage cloud based, globally distributed architecture utilizing Amazon managed services like Elastic Bean Stock, DynamoDB, Elastic Cache, Elastic Search, SNS and SQS. Realtime chat infrastructure is powered by MongooseIM XMPP technology and custom XEP extensions to support advanced chat features. Finally, infrastructure as code principles is at the heart of the new system management with Zookeper and Chef at its core.

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