Launched 2015

Flutter is a dating app "Meet Real People"
We're changing the face of online dating. Making it more real. More genuine. More Fun.

No more profiles, photos, or bios. Meet people through a two-way live video. We want to match authentic people together, and ultimately save people's time, energy, and sanity!

Here are the 4 rules of Flutter:

1. No Profiles. No photos. No bios. No names until you match.
2. When you see someone, they see you too. This recreates the magic of seeing someone in real life for the first time.
3. No Sound. You see how they move and how they smile, but you don't have to think of what to say.
4. Don't take your clothes off. If you break this rule and get reported, you'll be banned for life.

We are headquartered in Los Angeles.


Founders Bio/Photo

Flutter's Video

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