The Flipper remote provides the convenience of a TV and a cable remote in one, easy-to-use unit. And with Flipper, you no longer have to spend time searching through multiple channels to locate your favorite programs. Our all-in-one remote allows you to program up to 30 of your favorite TV channels in minutes. With the lock feature, you won’t need to worry about anyone making changes to your program settings. The Flipper remote has only 26 buttons that are stylish and easy-to-read. No reading glasses necessary!

The Flipper remote offers the following additional features:

- Compatible with all cable providers and TV brands
- On/Off button works on both cable/satellite and TV simultaneously
- One volume control for your TV
- Channel control for your cable/satellite

Stop searching around the house for your remote controls and access your favorite television stations with Flipper! To learn more about how to use the Flipper remote control, or to set yours up today, simply watch our instructional Flipper videos on this page. We are here to help walk you through each step of setting up your new device in the simplest and fastest way possible.

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