Launched 2015

Evrybit is a mobile-first app for live storytelling that allows anyone with a smartphone to create, edit and share stories. With Evrybit, anyone can create original media (audio, video, photo, text and more) and assemble media into stories in one integrated tool.

We believe stories connect the world and want to globalize and democratize storytelling. Our mission is to empower mobile storytellers so that anyone with a smartphone can tell any story with any media at any time anywhere.

Everyone has stories, but not everyone has the tools or time to tell them. With Evrybit, users can create and share a story on a smartphone with ease and speed in real time. We combine media production tools in one place and eliminate the need to jump from app to app to create a story. We make mobile storytelling more effective, efficient and accessible.

Founder bios

Eric Ortiz created Evrybit to make it easy for anyone to tell a story on a smartphone. Before founding Evrybit, Eric was a journalist. He started his career as an editor at and was the founding editor of and a Knight Fellow at Stanford University.

Maria Burns Ortiz has been telling stories her whole life. In previous career stops, Maria was a journalist with, Fox News Latino and the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel. Now, Maria pulls double duty as COO of Evrybit and 7 Generation Games, a video game startup, and is a best-selling author.

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