Launched 2007

ElephantDrive is a cloud backup, storage, and sync solution that is optimized for integration with storage devices.

Our platform allows users to secure massive amounts of data, seamlessly sync files across multiple devices, and collaborate (share, send, update) with colleagues on projects. End users can come to ElephantDrive directly, but many adopt our solution though one our successful integrations with leading network-attached storage (NAS) makers. We currently work with NETGEAR, QNAP, Drobo, Western Digital, D-Link, Seagate, and others. These storage makers choose to work with ElephantDrive over leading competitors because not only do we support all the traditional end points like laptops, desktops, and mobiles devices, but we also run natively on their devices. The seamless coupling of fast, reliable local storage with simple, secure cloud backup enables the perfect hybrid storage solution for individuals and small businesses.

Our service has a lot in common with the world’s largest land mammal. When you subscribe to ElephantDrive, you get a service never forgets and works for peanuts!

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