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First Ever 4DVP Multi-Sensor Technology and App is a Game Changer

Coach Labs, Inc. is releasing DuoTrac Golf as the first part of a multiple sports series in wearable, multi-sensor technology via a 28-day Kickstarter campaign Nov. 24, 2015.

DuoTrac is a multi-point, motion-tracking, portable sensor-based device and mobile app that can be used in multiple sports to analyze and improve swing performance. The multi-sensor technology uses a four-point system that doubles the accuracy of other sports swing analyzers and portable sensor technology. The initial product launch is focusing on the golf industry and will be unveiled at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla., January 26-29.

Unlike single sensor products, DuoTrac Golf’s 4-Dimensional View Plane (4DVP) tracks the golfer’s clubface path, transition, face angle at impact, foot roll and weight shift. By incorporating the measurement of additional reference points, you receive a complete statistical snapshot of your full swing plane and footwork. Without an accurate measurement of all of these critical metrics, single-point data becomes irrelevant and useless.

Jason Koo, founder of Coach Labs, Inc., is a frustrated golfer who understands the challenges of becoming a better golfer. “The key to playing better golf is having a fundamentally sound swing,” states Koo. “We’ve all encountered good and bad days out on the course. During a typical golf lesson, the instructor fixes our nagging habits, but these often return when practicing the techniques on our own. This frustration motivated me to create a device that can help train proper swing technique and footwork for golfers when a teaching pro is not around. DuoTrac Golf eliminates the guesswork and delivers simple accurate feedback for each and every swing.”

Golfers can now experience a “virtual” on-the-go golf coach. The snapshot visuals on the app target seven key points of the swing. The device shows your exact swing path and clubface at impact whether open, closed or neutral. In addition, the exclusive foot sensors provide feedback on your transition, weight transfer and follow-through. The data is simple, useful and reliable and helps build long-term consistency versus temporary fixes.

DuoTrac Golf is designed for golfers of all abilities from amateurs to professionals. The set-up process is easy and very user friendly. DuoTrac Golf can be worn for practice on the range or on the course. DuoTrac’s mobile application provides game statistics including swing history and comparisons, greens in regulation GIR, distances to the hole, putts/hole per game, overall score and stats. With enhanced accuracy through our 4DVP analysis and advanced hardware, golfers can use DuoTrac to set goals while tracking their progress and improvement week after week.

DuoTrac’s founder, Jason Koo, has 20 years’ experience as an inventor and product developer that spans retail, promotional products, electronics, sports and technology. He has created global brands through mass-marketing with Sunglass Hut, Walmart, Target, CVS, and Best Buy to name a few. Koo is excited to launch DuoTrac on Kickstarter to share this project with a community that encourages backer support and feedback. The 28-day campaign begins November 24, 2015 with rewards that are certain to get golfers excited. Some early bird price points start out as low as $79 for two sensors and $149 for the 4DVP four sensor complete set.

Initial production and delivery of DuoTrac Golf is scheduled for early 2016. Baseball, football, and tennis devices will be released in spring 2016.

Coach Labs, Inc. empowers athletes and coaches with professional and highly accurate technology to increase performance. Jason Koo, founder of Coach Labs, Inc., is a serial entrepreneur and inventor of the KooClip sunglass visor clip and SnapCap Golf ferrules. As an avid golfer for the past 15 years, Jason Koo blended his passions for golf and innovation and created DuoTrac. Curt Menefee, FOX Sports broadcaster and host for the 2016 U.S.

Open, is a partner and ambassador for DuoTrac. The product development team includes PGA players, teaching professionals, trainers, sports enthusiasts and experts, aimed to make a breakthrough training device that makes golf easier, gratifying and more fun!

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