Hi, My name is Espree.

I've been called "the Girl who Gets it Done".

I created WeAreLATech in 2012. I'm a speaker, author, founder and podcaster. My life's work is unifying community by creating on and offline ‘Experiences’ with the purpose to move tech professionals from digital connections to offline meaningful relationships.

Wowed. MethodBox captures the essence of my Why.

I've been in tech my whole life. My Dad was an early adopter with a home office. I'm born and raised LA. I created WeAreLATech in 2012 after both an exciting and painful journey being a founder of an action sports social network building from my love for code, action sports and travel. My first business partner became the co founder of Box a huge file sharing company. Very awesome. My investors were WOW humans, but still I had so many hard depleting hiccups along the way. I wanted to create a space for our community to safely lean on one another to support and celebrate each other throughout our journey working in the startup world. WeAreLATech started as a video series, then an event calendar, then a podcast, soon came a community mobile app (thanks to Ira Herman), then we added an 'Experience' Club and the list goes on. I and we (amazing people in the community) kept building what the community requested. It's all been self funded through my hard work. No investment money, no trust fund and no money growing trees. If you find a magical unicorn tree for sure let me know 🦄

My journey producing 12 "WeAreLATech" podcast episodes a month, producing over 400 community events and  personally connecting with people 1-1 to help elevate them as much as possible is far from easy, but I believe in living a very purposely life and I believe in the work I do strongly.

On the team is Janice helping with admin, Adam, Miran and Cory in podcast production, Anna in community relations and Raychel is our podcast guest host. They all are phenomenal people and I feel so lucky our team believes my vision with me. I'm most proud my team has been with me for several years. I feel GRATEFUL. Check out our core values.

In addition to being the founder of WeAreLATech. I fell into owning a network of podcasts called WeAreTech (site is in dev) focused on tech and startup lifestyle including “WeAreLATech” , "Hello Customer" and “Women in Tech” Podcasts and more podcasts to come. I organize the LA Podcasters Meetup, my "Women in Tech" podcast featured in Harpers Bazaar for best podcasts of 2019.  All my shows have been featured by Apple and Spotify as Noteworthy to listen to from top charts to "Inspiring Women's Voices". For me podcasting is 'painting audio'.

I've given talks on entrepreneurship and podcasting to many organizations including USC Business School, CBS, South by Southwest, Forbes, Entrepreneur, dot LA and Georgetown MBA.


All love & good things,



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